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 Closing Ceremonies on June 30th.  Grade 7's will start at 9:00am and Grade 8's are starting at 10:am.  Dismissal will be at 11:00am.  Report cards can be picked up anytime after 1:00pm that day if your student was absent in the morning.


School Dance
June 23rd, 2014  $10.00   7:00pm - 10:00pm.  Just a reminder that we need 5 parent and 5 staff volunteers to chaperone for the dance to be successful.

 Fire Lane Zone
We would like to send out a reminder to parents/guardians that the section of driveway in front of the school is marked as a Fire Lane.   Please note vehicles should not be parked in this area as they could be ticketed.   We would not want to see that happen. 

Also, Grove Memorial Drive is considered a School Zone when students are present.  Please see the information below and the web site for more information.

What is the definition for "when children are present"?
School zone speed limits have always been in effect "when children are present." This is not new. Children present is defined as being (i) on the highway in the school area , or (ii) outdoors, within 30 metres of the highway, in the school area. This reduced speed limit will be in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year when children are present in the school area.

What are the penalties associated with speeding in a school area?

Speed fines and penalties are detailed in the following table and are dependent on the degree at which the motorist is above the reduced speed limit in the school area.
Exceeds School Area Speed   Total Fine   Penalty Points
1-15 km/h   $ 340.21   2
16-30 km/h   $ 455.21   3
31 km/h or more   $ 685.21   4

Developmental Screening
for 3 Year old Children
 Do you have concerns, or are just curious
about your 3 year old child’s development?
Southwest Early Childhood Intervention, in partnership with
C.M. Optical, the Tri-County Regional School Board, Yarmouth County Community Health Board, Yarmouth Public Health, and South West Health Rehab Services, is pleased to host a 3 year old Developmental Screening Day. The aim of this event is to help
 identify any developmental issues and to help families
 access services and support, as needed, to promote their child’s development prior to their school entry.
DATE:  Friday morning, June 20, 2014, by appointment
LOCATION:   Beacon United Church Hall, Beacon Street, Yarmouth
Screening of developmental skills will include many areas of child development, with participation by various community partners
 (i.e. Dental Hygienist, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Physiotherapist, Speech-Language Pathologist).  Families in Yarmouth County who have children who are three years of age are invited to register their children for an appointment (by June 18th).
If your child is not 3 years of age (but between birth and
school-entry age) and you are concerned about his/her
development, you may still contact us to discuss a referral directly
to Southwest Early Childhood Intervention (742-3366).
Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout
the duration of their appointment (approximately 1-1.5 hours).
To register for an appointment or make a referral, please call Valerie at 742-3366.


If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these outstanding books filled with wonderful memories from your 2013-2014 school year at Maple Grove, the time to order is now! The cost is only $20.00 if you pre-order before June 1st. If you place your order after June 1st, the cost will be $25.00. The office will be accepting payments here at school or, there is also an option to pay online. Students will be receiving a package with more details to follow.  
Social Emotion Learning Session for Parents and Caregivers
June 2, 2014
6:30-8:00 pm
At the Tri-County Regional School Board office at 79 Water Street Yarmouth 
Self-control and focus is crucial for success in life!
Anna-Lisa Mackey has over 15 years of experience teaching, training, coaching and consulting with teachers and parents on Social Emotional Learning and helping kids become successful. Her approach supports parents and provides skills that promote lasting results for children and families. 
Parents and Caregivers are invited to join Anna-Lisa MacKey in a discussion about Social Emotional Learning.  The following are some of the topics that will be discussed during the session: 
1.      What Social Emotional Learning is and why it is important to teach it in both schools and at home.
2.      How Social Emotional Learning benefits behavior and academics.
3.      What parents can do at home to help support the efforts of both the teachers and the students. 
Please spread the word about this event and come join us for an informal conversation about Social Emotional Learning and how we can work together to support our children. 
EDUCATION/EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT--Panel Urges Nova Scotians to Act Now to Improve Education System
The panel looking for views on education has issued a challenge to all Nova Scotians: if you want change, get involved.
Myra Freeman, chair of the Minister's Panel on Education, launched the challenge today, May 8, while visiting students at Prince Andrew High School who were filling out the education review survey. Ms. Freeman encouraged the teachers and students to spread the word among their peers.
"This is the first opportunity in 25 years for Nova Scotians to affect change in the education system," said Ms. Freeman. "We want everyone including students, parents, educators and community members, to help us shape the future of education in Nova Scotia."
The Ivany Report challenged Nova Scotians to think differently and the review is one of the first opportunities Nova Scotians have to express their personal opinions on changes that need to happen.
Panel members also led discussion groups around the province using the guide that was developed to help gather feedback. Gordon MacInnis led a session at a library in Sydney with parents and business leaders, Donna O'Connell led a session in Amherst with students from Amherst Regional High School, and Tina Dixon met with community members in Bear River.
They are encouraging all Nova Scotians to do the same.
"The guide will enable like-minded groups to come together to identify issues and bring them forward to the panel," said Ms. Freeman. "I challenge students, teachers, parents and guardians, community and business partners, education groups and others to meet as a group to talk about the school system."
The guide provides a series of questions and conversation starters and each section includes facilitator notes, discussion questions and space to record input. Summaries of group discussions can be sent to the panel by e-mail or post.
Nova Scotians can also share comments, ideas and feedback by
-- phoning 1-844-424-3777
-- tweeting at @NSEdReview
-- mailing them to the Minister's Panel on Education c/o Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, P.O. Box 578, Halifax, N.S., B3J 2S9.
The survey, discussion guide and submission information are available at . The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 13.
NEW! Online Guidance Self-Referral Form
Students can now refer themselves to the guidance office by completing a secure and confidential online form. Follow the link at the top of this page called Counselling Referral​ and also on the Counsellor's Corner page. Referrals to the guidance office can be made from any internet-enabled device by completing all of the information on the form and then clicking 'submit'.
Dress Code
The following dress code was implemented in September 2003 by the Tri-County School Board with descriptors added by MGEC 2012:
1.  Students are expected to wear clothes appropriate for the time, place and occasion (an elementary/junior high 7 and 8 school setting).
2.  A student's dress and appearance shall:
a.  be safe, appropriate and not disrupt or interfere with the educational process;
b.  recognize that extremely brief garments such as tube tops, crop tops, net tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines (front and/or back), skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh (approximately three inches above the knee), and see-through garments are NOT appropriate at any time - including school dances;
c.  ensure that underwear is completely covered with outer clothing;
d.  not include the wearing of hats in the classroom except for a medical or religious purpose or for special promotions within the school such as "hat day".
3.  Any student who refuses to adhere to the dress code shall be subject to discipline up to and including an in-school suspension for the day.  Any student who repeatedly fails to comply with the dress code shall be subject to further discipline.

 Request to Leave Early

If a student is not feeling well, they are to contact a parent/guardian via the phone at the Main Office.  They will then be given a note to put in the home room's day book so the teachers receiving that class are aware that the student has left early.

Also, students leaving before the end of the day, or arriving after the day has started, need to check in at the main office to either sign out or sign in.  This allows us to keep track of where the students are.



If your son/daughter is home due to an illness and you would like their homework, please call the school before 9am and it will be put on the announcements in the morning.  That way all teachers will be notified and any work missed can be brought to the office for someone to pick up by the end of the day. 


Bus Notes

Bus notes to travel on another bus will not be permited.








Internet Safety 101 Website can be found under "important Links" on the left hand tool bar.






Week 3 will start on June 16th
there will be menu changes this week

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