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Hope you had a Great Summer!

We will see you on September 4th, 2014


Dear Parent
 We have been advised by the Director Of Operations for the Tri County Regional School Board that we have had many incidents involving vehicles passing school buses while the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is outStop-arm Cameras  The Director sees this as a real safety issue for our students and by direction of the school board has taken the step to have high density cameras installed on a number of buses  to help identify drivers.
All incidents are reported to the police who are working with the board to catch and charge the violators.
We strongly suggest you talk to your child to always take a second look before crossing the street when the red lights are flashing to ensure their safety.
Any assistance you can provide such as reporting violators if you see them would be greatly appreciated.
We go to great lengths to educate our staff and students regarding safety but we have no control over drivers who are not paying attention while driving. 
If you have questions about this issue feel free to contact Steven Stoddart, Director of Operations at 902 749 5691.

 Fire Lane Zone
We would like to send out a reminder to parents/guardians that the section of driveway in front of the school is marked as a Fire Lane.   Please note vehicles should not be parked in this area as they could be ticketed.   We would not want to see that happen. 

Also, Grove Memorial Drive is considered a School Zone when students are present.  Please see the information below and the web site for more information.

What is the definition for "when children are present"?
School zone speed limits have always been in effect "when children are present." This is not new. Children present is defined as being (i) on the highway in the school area , or (ii) outdoors, within 30 metres of the highway, in the school area. This reduced speed limit will be in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year when children are present in the school area.

What are the penalties associated with speeding in a school area?

Speed fines and penalties are detailed in the following table and are dependent on the degree at which the motorist is above the reduced speed limit in the school area.
Exceeds School Area Speed   Total Fine   Penalty Points
1-15 km/h   $ 340.21   2
16-30 km/h   $ 455.21   3
31 km/h or more   $ 685.21   4




Internet Safety 101 Website can be found under "important Links" on the left hand tool bar.






Week 1 will start on Sept. 8th 

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