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Support Site for Parents

Parental/Guardian Involvement 
in the Science Fair Project

Parental/guardian involvement in their child's science fair project should be a positive experience for both you and your child. Parents should guide their students without actually doing it for them. This is your child's project and they will have a greater feeling of self-esteem if they know that they did it on their own. Remember this is a learning experience for your child and you have already gone to school. Hard as it might be, students learn best when they learn from their own successes and failures.
As a parent, your involvement and support could mean the difference between a stressful experience and an exciting learning adventure. Remember that the most important outcome of your child's science project is the joy and learning that comes from scientific discovery — not winning a competition.

Parents are often unclear as to their role in projects of this nature. Below are some guidelines. Parents may:

  • ensure the project is conducted safely (no open flames, dangerous chemicals, poisons or experiments with vertebrate animals are to be done);
  • assist with transportation of the project to and from school;
  • complete technical work on construction of display board material and use of electric equipment as directed or needed by your child (this is allowed due to the safety factor);
  • give advice;
  • help establish a topic or direction;
  • assist in collecting material;
  • watch the progress of the project;
  • give a great deal of moral support.
Parents should refrain from the temptation to:
  • dictate what the notes say;
  • provide or locate all information to be used;
  • draw diagrams;
  • do the project.