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 Admin Support Process

Procedure for requesting PowerSchool support


  1. Direct your initial request for assistance to the Help Desk @ ^5815 or send a support request to
  2. If the Help Desk cannot resolve the issue, the support request will be escalated to the Consultant, Student Information Systems by the Help Desk

 Support Site for PowerSchool Admin Users

The long-term goal of this section of the SIS website is to provide support to admin users of PowerSchool - whether they work in the school as an administrator, administrative assistant or guidance counsellor.

Given that so many of us are new to PowerSchool, this site will certainly be a work in progress over the course of the school year. As the school year progresses, and as users find themselves needing to access unexplored features of PowerSchool (such report cards, storing permanent grades, tracking reports, scheduling, etc.), more support documents will be available for you to view and to download. This website is not meant to replace training and individualized or small-group support (which will continue to take place throughout the school year). This site simply allows you to access documents in the case that you do not know or cannot fully remember how a particular process should be properly completed.

There will hopefully be a FAQ section developed so that you can easily find the answers to common questions or problems. An online calendar will also be available so that you will be aware of any important upcoming deadlines. 

Some documents are already available to you. Simply click on the 'How-to Documents' link to the left of this page. Some of these documents were created by the board's SIS Consultant, while others were developed by iNSchool. Feel free to check this site often since it may be frequently updated over the course of the next several months.

If you have suggestions about this site, feel free to contact the board's SIS consultant.

 iNSchool Video Guides

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