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 Introduction to the PowerSchool Parent Portal

By logging onto to your own private online account, the new student-parent portal will enable you to see attendance and school bulletins – in real-time. For the upcoming school year, the portal’s functionality will be expanded enabling parents to also view grades, assignments and teacher comments.

You'll be able to access the portal at home, work, school, or the public library - where ever there is Internet access.

In order for parents (and students) to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal, click on the Parent Portal link located to the right of this page.


It is important to realize that students and parents each have their own separate login account – and therefore do not share the same login account information.

What's the Next Step?

If you haven't yet created your Parent Portal login account, and if you're not sure of what to do next, click here for further information.



Important Note about the Parent Portal:
The Parent Portal will be accessible to parents/guardians with a child who is currently attending one of the seven (7) Phase I schools. By September 2011, all TCRSB schools will be using PowerSchool as their Student Information System, thereby allowing all parents/guardians to access the portal by February 2012.

The seven (7) schools within the Tri-County Regional School Board are:

  • Barrington Municipal High School


  • Digby Neck Consolidated School


  • Digby Regional High School


  • Drumlin Heights Consolidated School


  • Shelburne Regional High School


  • St. Mary's Bay Academy


  • Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School