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 Creating your Parent Portal Login Account

Your child’s school may have already provided you with a letter (one letter for each of your children) that contains the following information for your child:


  • The Parent Portal website location:

  • The confidential Access ID: <access ID>

  • A confidential Access password: <access password>

Click here to view a sample of the letter in PDF format.

If you have this letter which contains your child's Access ID and Access Password, then you can scroll down this page until you see the step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the parent account creation process.

If you do not have this letter, then you will first need get a copy of it from your child's school. You cannot create your personal login account with your child's access information. In order to protect your child's school record information, Access IDs/Passwords cannot be given over the phone or through email. There are two ways to get a copy of the letter:

  1. A parent/guardian must come to the school IN PERSON with a valid picture ID to obtain a username and password.

  2. A parent/guardian can request that the school mail a copy of the letter to their home. The letter will be mailed to the address based on what is recorded in PowerSchool as being the mailing address(es) for the primary parent(s)/guardian(s).


Creating your Parent/Guardian Login Account

The access ID and password on your child's letter does NOT represent the parent/guardian username and password. Parents/guardians will create their own unique username and password. The access ID and password simply allow parents to 'link' students to their portal login account - so that you can view their attendance records (and eventually grades, assignments and teacher comments). 

Follow these steps to create your login account:

1. Enter the Portal website address into your internet browser (, or click on the link on the top-right hand portion of this page (under the 'Important Links' heading). After doing so, you will see this image:


2. Click on the Create Account tab.

3. Click on the Create Account button.

4. As depicted in the below image, create your parent/guardian account by completing the following fields:

  1. Enter your first and last name.
  2. Enter your email address; this is the email address to which all notices from the school are sent.
  3. Enter a user name of your choice, which you will use each time to access the Parent Portal. It is your Username for login to the Parent Portal.
  4. Enter a password. As you type your password, PowerSchool determines the strength of the password and you have a visual display of the strength from weak, to better to strong. The stronger the password, the more secure it is. Choose a password that you can remember but that is difficult for others to guess. IMPORTANT!! Your password MUST be at least eight (8) characters in length and adhere to the password requirements.


5. The next part of the setup process requires you to link your child(ren) to your account (the children you can link to your account may be your own children, foster children or any child under your guardianship):

  1. Enter the name of your children you wish to have access to on a separate line.
  2. Enter the Access ID for each child, as per the letter from their school.
  3. Enter the Access Password for each child, as per the letter from their school.
  4. Select, from the list, your relationship to the child (e.g., “Mother, natural/adoptive”).
  5. Click Enter.

Once you have created your account (and chosen your own username and password) and linked your child(ren) to your account, you can now log in to the Parent Portal.

Return to the Parent Portal login page, and using your newly created username/password, enter them into the appropriate fields and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Your username and password will now be used as your login to the Parent Portal from this moment onwards (and there is no need to return to the ‘Create Account’ page again).

login page