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 What is TIENET?

TIENET(Technology for Improving Education NETwork)  is the iNSchool solution for student services information that is better managed outside of PowerSchool/PowerTeacher - namely IPPs, adaptations and other student services information. 

Once you’re in PowerSchool/PowerTeacher, you’ll be able to access TIENET directly through a single sign-on.  You won’t need separate log-in information. 

 What will and will not change?

What we can tell you is that the program planning process - as defined by The Special Education Policy (2008) - will not change.  What will change is that you’ll enter, access and manage all of this information on TIENET.



This web-based software has been customized to match our existing 8-stage provincial program planning process.  So the existing process – the information you capture and the steps you follow - will not change.  It will be more efficient, easier to manage, and it will all be under one virtual roof.  



Welcome TIENET 12.1!! 
by Pam Deviller
 11/26/2012 12:12 PM
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  Nova Scotia Program Planning Process Flow Chart
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