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Welcome to the Tri-County Regional School Board Technology Services website!

Entering a Technology Work Order

  • Using your TCRSB email account, send an email to (the address is listed in the Global directory as Technology Work Order)
  • Type the school acronym in the subject line, a brief description of the issue and the room number (if applicable) eg. MGEC – Install Software – Room 215
  • In the body of the message include as much detail as possible about the request, any steps taken to try to resolve any issues, the location of the computer or device, the location of any software that is to be installed, and any other information related to the request


  • Use your own email address to place work orders. This enables technicians to communicate directly with you, in case they need to clarify details.  If you cannot access your email account then have someone submit on your behalf
  • Keep it short and to the point. The work order should only contain information related to the request. Extra comments are not necessary (ie: still does not workfix ASAP) and will only serve to make the request harder to understand
  • A work order is required for all technology requests. Only one issue or request per work order
  • Any requests that involve a purchase must be coordinated through your principal or supervisor
  • Only Board purchased and approved software will be installed
  • Please do not respond to a resolved work order, unless there is still an issue. The work order will reopen.
  • If more information is requested by the IT Department and there is no response from the requestor within 5 days, the work order will be closed
  • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your work order being rejected
Email for Powerschool, Tienet, or Alert related work requests

Email has become an invaluable tool; this also makes it a great place for malicious individuals to target for hacking either to disrupt your work or to achieve financial gains on their end. It is very important that you understand you can lose all of the files on your PC and anything you are connected to by clicking on an attachment. The following are some guidelines to help reduce your chances of falling victim to these attempts. I have included some examples below that have been sent to TCRSB email accounts.

  • Be skeptical of attachments.  Even if the sender is someone you know, if you are not expecting an attachment, do not open it without confirming with the sender that it is legitimate.
  • Look for obvious signs that it is malicious.  
    • If your email address is and the salutation begins as "Hello malbert," chances are it is someone you do not know.  This is a business email, remember when you type up an email to keep in mind you want the receiver to know it is legit, include who you are, and have a clear message of what and why you are sending the email.
    • TCRSB will not ask you to go to a link to reset your password or let you know your mailbox is full via email.  The same can be said for financial institutions, they will not ask you to enter your password or personal information.  If you are in doubt then visit your banking page, or contact the help desk at the Board Office.
    • If the sender is pretending to be an institution and the links they want you to click on are not the institutions webpage then go to the webpage that you know is legit and find the file from there: ie. If it's a bank requesting you to confirm details in an attachment and the attachment wants to bring you to this is not bringing you to your bank website. Also if the senders address does not match where they pretend they are from, Scotiabank request coming from someone in California, this should also make you suspicious.
    • If you hover over a link it will show you the real address it is going to at the bottom of your page.  If it is not a recognizable site, or completely not associated with where you are expecting to go, then do not click the link
  • Do not reply to spam. Do not click on "unsubscribe",  spammers send to millions of email addresses whether legit or not, when you click on unsubscribe it validates they have hit a valid email address and it will go into their bank of contacts they can continue to send even more spam or sell the list to other spammers.
  • Do not panic if someone tells you that they received an email from you that was a virus. Your email address may be in several people's contact list, if they become infected then their PC can send out emails that appear to come from someone in their contact list. 
  • is a business email address to be used for TCRSB business only.  Do not get into the habit of providing your email address to retail stores or online sites if it is not related to TCRSB responsibilities.  Once your email address is "out there" we do not know where those addresses are stored, or who they may be sent to for use outside of that establishment. 

​If you are not expecting an email with an attachment from someone, DO NOT open it.

NOBODY will ask you for your username, password or personal information via Email.

TCRSB will not email you to click on a link because we are doing maintenance to the mail server.

If you are in doubt, throw it out.

TCRSB or EDnet will never ask for your password via e-mail, do not respond to any e-mail asking for your password or personal information unless you have confirmed with the sender beforehand.
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